Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Pitch inspection, and the meeting's off

An early start today, as I had a meeting at the football ground at 8:30. It's only six miles away by bike, but with a head (north) wind and snow fallen overnight, I left home at 7:40 so I could walk part of the way if necessary. Cycling very gingerly, I arrived five minutes early, and alone. A minor glacier had formed on my lights and helmet, and I needed Elton John's windscreen wiper glasses to see where I was going. Checking my mobile at the stadium I heard that the meeting had been cancelled fifteen minutes after I left home. They had contacted me, but there was no way I would hear or feel my phone through all my layers of bags, clothing and hats. Cycling back to the office, I was uplifted by the courtesy and care being exercised by all the road users, a change from the sometimes rat-race we have to suffer.

Cycling home was a different story. The morning's relatively safe fresh snow on clear road, had changed to the evening's treacherous compacted, rutted snow, slush and ice. I walked one third of the way, cycled very slowly on the cycle track for another third, and steadily rode on the main road.

Carefully I tiptoed across roads covered with "sheet" ice, so named because that is what you scream, as your wheel slips from under you. And we've another four days of sub-zero temperatures and more snow every day. Time to put the bike away, and walk, methinks.

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  1. Welcome back Mr Swifty!

    methinks you could do with one of the bikes being used by 'Coastkid' a blogger who joined up while you were on holiday. He's a major cycling fanatic and has one specially designed for sand and snow cycling.

    try looking him up for some great pics and film of cycling here in East Lothian.

    Its not just you cyclists who say 'sheet' by the way - said it a few times myself driving around over the last couple of days!!.




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