Friday, 8 January 2010

There's been a lot of legs around the house today - a Frank's eye view

Ever keen to encourage Frank to take up new interests, we let him take lots of photos on holiday. It's interesting to see the world from his perspective. There's lots of photos of details of the ground, and bushes, and there are quite a few table top pictures from a viewpoint just a few centimetres above the table. And there are the portraits of his staff. As you can make out, he brings us lots of joy.
But what's it like in one-metre high land? Today we had lots of visitors. In the morning we hosted a NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Open House event, and three families trudged across the tundra, beating their own path to our snowdrifted door. Five little people as guests, all playing together very well. (Phew!) Then, in the afternoon, Anne and her two young adults, towering over their mother, and looking Jules and I in the eye. All Frank sees is a forest of legs from the six tall people towering above in his house.

Aye, it's lonesome down on the forest floor; with all the talk, action and laughter up at the canopy. No wonder he gets frustrated, and sometimes seeks attention to be more involved. But, despite the prescence of all our lovely guests, he's very much been most of our thoughts today, as we wrestle with his diabetes. Day one of the new bloodsugar management regime, and we await tomorrow morning's reading, to see how we have done. It's a trial and error, iterative process, and we hope our first (educated) guess is somewhere near the target.

The picture above was taken on or near the winter solstice, in Brittany. He was fascinated by his tall shadow, from the low sun. Right now our days are in turmoil, getting the hang of living with diabetes. But we believe we're past the darkest days, and our family life will become lighter again. Frank, you're our little hero.

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