Sunday, 31 January 2010

Beginning to see the light, and a new -itis

I love the seasons, no SADS for me. Short winter days can be fun, and there's plenty of jobs to do around the house that I wouldn't want to do when the weather's better outside. But I need to get a bit fitter, and lose some weight, so the longer days are welcome. Life with Frank's diabetes is stressful, and too often I resort to comfort eating; packing food away is something I know I'm good at when I feel I'm struggling with coping. Of course there's no one but myself to blame, when it comes to how much food I put in my mouth.

I attended a NHS run Shape-Up course this time last year and successfully lost lots of weight, so I need to apply myself again. I should have enough incentive, just to be healthier for Frank, Jules and myself, and for my wider family and friends. But it helps if I have an event on the horizon where being lighter would help. And I'm currently hoping to have a few days backpacking in the west Scottish Highlands in May.

No statistics here about how much I weigh or how much I want to lose; suffice to say what I now weigh should be what I will weigh with a full backpack on. Mentally, I always find the "extra stone is the equivalent of 28 packs of butter" image both challenging and horrific. As the weather improves I should be able to get some more exercise in, walking and cycling, but I know the figures and one has to do a hell of exercise to lose a little weight, so food portion control is the real key to any weight loss I might achieve.

But there's another fly in the weight loss ointment, in addition to the greed monster. I have had elbow pain for a few weeks, which has made doing almost anything painful. At first I assumed it was the family's arthritis catching me up at last, but I thought I would contact Dr Internet, as he/she doesn't mind how many questions I ask, and will tell me whatever I want to believe. And sure enough, I have a new diagnosis, and it's Lateral Epicondylitis. It is better known as tennis elbow, but I reckon I developed it with my wood chopping escapades. As a self-obsessed person (and who isn't that has their own blog?), I'm so pleased to have a new -itis I can bore people with. Plus, with a bit of rest, it should just go away.

A good first hike of the year yesterday, and hopefully tomorrow a bike ride; and I'll be on track for the weight loss, with a trail of shed butter packs in my wake.

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  1. Good luck with the weight loss, it's difficult. Stress doesn't help either :).
    The photo is beautiful!



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