Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Mangels harvest

"Volunteers wanted for the Mangolds Harvest" said the chalk board at Old Hall community. The green suburbanites had booked a couple of days at Old Hall to help out with the harvest. But was this message a trap? I had never heard of mangolds, and wondered if the novice visitors were being sent on a wild goose chase. Was this the farming equivalent of the new apprentice asking at the hardware store for a jar of elbow grease?

Arriving at the lower field, it all became clear. Mangolds is one of the ways to spell the vegetable that is usually pronounced mangles, and is more often spelt mangels. A sweet root vegetable grown as animal feed, and HUGE.

Frank's current favourite book is "The Enormous Turnip". Imagine how it must be for a three-year old to take part in an activity out of a story book. A priceless memory, as we enjoyed a peaceful couple of days in the autumn sunshine. And no one felt it necessary to sing any wurzel gummidge.

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