Friday, 2 October 2009

Apples and diabetes

It was Frank's quarterly check up yesterday, and we're all doing OK. Frank's blood sugar levels have been reasonable, and our management about as good as we could hope for. Frank's handling the testing and injections pretty well, though we have our difficult occasions, and I can't say I blame him for not liking it too much. Our overseeing of his injections, eating, exercise and other factors out of our sight and control, is a teetering balancing act, but we haven't yet crash landed too hard.

His specialist doctor and nurse are very helpful to us, giving us the information and support we need to act as Frank's life support machinery, given that his pancreas is out to lunch, permanently.

Our lives are not defined by Frank's condition, but we simply have to think about it all the time, looking for ways to keep him healthy, as we go about as normal a life as possible. And today's normal life fun activity was dealing with 250 wild apples picked yesterday morning, then lunch in town with Mark and Lisa, a bit of shopping at the Farmers' Market, and home again for a play in the garden. I must admit I found his behaviour tricky in town today, but thankfully he has energy and gets plenty of exercise.

Yes, living with Type 1 diabetes is difficult, but we manage to enjoy a good life. No jokes in today's blog, just some happy smiling faces in the background..........


  1. I'm sure I must've told you about this before: The Glucose Revolution by Dr Anthony Leeds, Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, Kaye Foster-Powell and Dr Stephen Colagiuru. ISBN 0 340 76826 6 Don't be swayed by younger, cheaper versions as this one is more intelligent.

  2. Yep, GI and GL, that's the key. We'll check out this volume, as there's always more to learn. I just don't get it, I know all this stuff about food, diet, nutrition and exercise, yet I'm overweight. If you're interested in greed, I would recommend William Leith's "The Hungry Years" - now that explains the psychology of over-eating. Cheers Bern, and can I have more cake?



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