Friday, 9 October 2009

Facing forwards, and proud

Some people have asked me "why do you have a blog?". Should it be by and about the real me, or should I adopt a (probably more interesting) persona? What is my ethos? Am I covering all aspects of life, or should I focus on a few themes and hope to attract followers of those topics? And does any of this matter, as it's only a bit of fun.

It would be easy enough to slip into a grumpy old man, "isn't modern life rubbish" mode, roll out loads of nostalgia for a past that never really existed, and spice it with some self-effacing humour before someone else puts the boot in first.

But no, I want to be positive and upbeat, celebrate the present and look to the future. And hopefully be entertaining sometimes. So Big Swifty is facing forwards, and holding his head up proud.

Looking through some other blogspots I tried the "next blog" tab a few times to see what other people are doing. Loads of crafts people out there, and fans of computer games. Then suddenly, up popped a warning from blogger saying that the next random site I had found contained "adult content". Well I'm a modern guy, I'm not fazed by a bit of swearing, and pictures of goths in studded clothing, so I went ahead.

I was confronted with a blog that consisted only of pictures of naked young men, clearly in a state of arousal. I thought about reporting it to blogger, not on the grounds of obscenity, but because it made me feel inadequate. Besides they had stolen my theme of facing forwards, and proud.

Anyway, each to their own. The purpose of this Big Swifty blog is to illustrate a flavour of Budd living, written mainly for ourselves, but if anyone else enjoys the ride, so much the better. That's us at the top of this posting. And I'll be keeping it U certificate in case anyone's concerned about the content.


  1. Dear Mr Swifty,
    Or should I call you 'Big'.

    After this post perhaps not.

    I always wondered what 'Gay Pride was all about and now perhaps I have an inkling. But is it part of the credentials to join, I wonder?

    Perhaps you will have to content yourself with being 'Loud and Proud' instead. Although judging from the beautiful picture that's your header you would have to be pretty damn loud.

    I wonder if you would be so kind as to letting me into the secret of obtainin g such good looking staff at such low rates. It may be the only way to get one past the Boss lady.....

    Maybe not such a good idea after all.

    Enjoyed the posts so far and look forward to the next time from the land of Budd.


  2. Hi Alistair, welcome to Buddland! Call me what you like, but Andrew's my name. Big Swifty is a name I sometimes use, and also I trade under it. The header pic is Loch Nevis, on the ferry from Mallaig to Knoydart. I was there in May for a backpacking trip in the Highlands. Fabulous place. I'm a big enthusiast for Scotland and much that is Scottish. Our very cheap staff is a person who first rented a room from us when working as a language assistant, and we all got on so well that we've kept in touch, and she's coming to live with us for a while.
    Glad you enjoyed the blogs so far. I checked you out and we have lots in common, so I'll be following you now. Cheers, A



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