Thursday, 15 October 2009

Big Swifty receives £19,100 cheque

Hurrah for the banking industry. Not satisfied with triggering the collapse of the economy, here they are again dishing out money to the gullible poor, and I guess I tick all their boxes on that score?

Call me an old cynic, but I'm usually a bit suspicious when someone sends me a cheque for more than I earn in a......... well, ever.

It must be so distressing to simple folk who think these sample cheques that look exactly like the real thing, are actually worth something, and they are suddenly wealthy. I almost feel like going down to the bank, acting a bit daft (should be easy enough), and trying to deposit the sum into my account. But of course my protest would make no difference whatsover, except maybe make an amusing diversion for the friendly counter staff that work there.

The deal I would like with my bank is simple. Please look after my money, don't invest it in anything illegal, immoral or too risky, pay me a fair interest rate, and let me have access to my cash after I have followed reasonable security measures. And send me a genuine cheque for £19,100 any time you like.

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  1. Beggars belief doesn't it? The other day I had a letter saying my credit card limit had been raised. Given I pay it off every month I get nowhere near the old limit so the letter was a waste of paper and a stamp.
    Steven Rowley



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