Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Who will be MP for Colchester? Footslogging underway...

Visiting friends near Castle Park this evening I spied a prospective MP pounding the streets and knocking on doors. It was Peter Lynn from the Green Party. So how will he get on? Checking the BBC website for accurate and impartial reporting, I looked at what they had to say about Colchester. Our current MP is Bob Russell, a hard working man dedicated to his home town. With boundary changes since the last General Election, the BBC has made an estimate of how many votes were cast last time, just in the area of the revised constituency.

It suggests that Bob Russell, Lib Dem would have received 47.7% of the vote, Conservative 32.1%, Labour 20.3%, and Others -0.1%. Wait a minute, the BBC are saying that last time round the others received a negative vote? Now I know the "others" are not popular, but are they saying that the candidates voted for the electorate?

In addition to the big three parties, we have candidates for the English Democrats, the British National Party, UK Independence Party and Green Party. I guess they're hoping for a better share than minus point one per cent of the vote................

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  1. I think loads of politicians would probably get minus votes this time if it were possible Swifty.......



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