Sunday, 18 April 2010

modern art is ????

This week I had a courier job, to take a package to London's South Bank. and while I was there I popped into Tate Modern, the "most popular modern art museum in the world" they say. Well it's certainly popular with me. The picture above was one of a series of landscapes with bizarre messages, by Edward Ruscha. I loved the contrast of the complexity of the natural landscapes with the plain lettering superimposed. I think I have an idea of what the man in the street's views are about some of the modern art, but I wonder what the gallery goers really think about some of the displays.

Some people rave about Marc Rothko and his coloured rectangles, going on about the mood created by the slabs of colour, and the texture of the paint on canvas. Well I've seen Dulux charts, and felt rough blankets on my knees as a young boy, and I don't feel the urge to contemplate life sitting for twenty minutes in front of a Rothko "masterpiece".

And here's a masterpiece from home. It's our (aged three and 3/4) Frank's first chalk on concrete portrait of a man, with the clown feet, Edward Scissorhands hands, and a head with big ears. I'm looking forward to visiting the galleries with him this summer. I remember enjoying going to the National Gallery with my dad, and hope Frank too enjoys what he sees. One thing's for sure. He'll say what he thinks about the pictures, with no sensibilities for the artists and their followers...........

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  1. Rothko's work is wonderful. Give me days in front of a piece of his work rather than seconds in front of "Uncle Meat". However, I do admire the way you won't be swayed despite many trusted critics loving Rothko. You keep trusting you instinct, my good man, and keep that T-shirt tucked in!!



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