Monday, 12 April 2010

"Tenth picture from the first folder" thread

Here's an interesting thread that I picked up from Al at "crivens, jings and help ma blog". Al says "Hullo ma wee blog. Kat, who writes a blog I follow, tagged me with one of these odd challenges that seem to reverberate around the bloggosphere. It was to go into my photo folders open up the first folder, publish the tenth photo from the folder regardless of what it is and give a wee explanation of what the photo is all about."

And here's mine. It was taken in summer 2004, as I cycled into Drumnadrochit at Loch Ness, on my way to John o'Groat's. I had ridden up from Land's End the previous autumn, having set myself the challenge of doing the bike ride in bits, in one year, usually when also in the area on other business, and I ended up doing a rather long loop more or less along Great Britain's main watershed. This was the final leg, from Oban. I look very happy as I've just met up with Jules after a long day solo cycling. At John o'Groat's I scrapped some of my worn out old cycling clothes, and much of the bike which I had run into the ground over the previous five years. Happy memories.

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  1. Great Pic and great memories.

    Thanks for joining in mate!




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