Thursday, 4 February 2010

Time, and the smallest part thereof

Scientists will tell you a nanosecond is a pretty short length of time, certainly compared with how long it takes to choose from a menu. Other commentators have suggested that the shortest unit of time is that between when you press the send button on an e-mail, and when you discover you didn't make the attachment.

Today I discovered an even smaller measure. The time between when one's wife says "pretty nifty parking, eh?" and the graunching noise when the vehicle hits the barrier that had magically positioned itself in the blind spot. The last vibrations of the "" had ceased an infinitely small slice of time before the c of "crunch" started.

Of course I'm not the sort of person who bears grudges or keeps scores, but I simply report the fact that we have had the van nearly four years, and there have been three incidents of damage when Jules is driving, and none when I am. Bur pride comes before a fall, so I won't put this petty domestic story on the internet.


  1. Remind me to run you over next time I get the chance!

  2. Oh. My. God. Swifty,

    You dont half believe in living dangerously.....

    And I suspect that your other half may be most annoyed by, not the fact that you posted this, or that you clearly point out the scores on the doors {perhaps literally?}

    But that you are keeping note of how many accidents she has had in the first place.

    You may need to head for the hills before May my friend!!!

    Sleep with one eye open.


  3. Al, oh yes this blog is truly a flavour of Budd living; you can see what a fun guy I am to be around. I will keep my one open eye on her "muffin moon" blogspot......



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