Sunday, 14 February 2010

Duck house seeking MP

Did a quick six miles walking, in under two hours this morning, along the ancient romano-british dykes and across the Roman River valley, getting some exercise, and getting away from it all. But wherever I go, I get reminded by the topic that currently makes me angry. In this old moat at Oliver's stands a dilapidated duck house, hoping it will be adopted by an MP, and refurbished at public expense.

Yet again, Lord Hanningfield is in the papers. Now I didn't mind hearing him when he was Leader of Essex County Council; I may not have agreed with what he said, but it's right that the ECC Leader gets the column inches. But now Hanningfield has resigned, awaiting an appearance in court on 11 March in connection with his expenses. So how come we have to hear him bleating his innocence? Tell it to the judge.

The newspaper is not publishing anybody else's comments about Hanningfield, possibly so that it doesn't prejudice his trial. So why is it OK for the paper to devote so much space to Hanningfield, and for him to explain he's done nothing wrong, yet, as usual, the common person has no voice?

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