Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Big Swifty comes out at work

Big Swifty hasn't posted much about work. I don't think it's appropriate to use blogs to criticise one's colleagues or employers. Firstly, there's a proper process to air any grievances about work. Secondly, I don't have any grievances; I like my employers, as an organisation and as individuals, and I enjoy the company of my colleagues. Sorry, if you were hoping for some salacious gossip or nasty comments, but I like these people.

Having read various american facebook friends' tales of thanksgiving, and pumpkin pie, and yearning because we in the UK don't celebrate this festival, I was so pleased today to be offered home-made pumpkin pie by Laura, long based in Essex, but a native of Pasadena, Californ-eye-ay. Anxious to record the miniutiae and ephemera of life, I whipped out my camera, and created a minor commotion in our open plan office.

At this stage I was forced to come out about my blogging, admitting my shame, and hoping for understanding. So, colleagues, welcome to Big Swifty's pages. Feel free to comment, but remember, I know where you sit.


  1. The great thing about reading and commenting on blogs is that I'm slowly building up a new language. You never know what unusual and perfectly logical (or weird) word or name will be thrown at you to imitate as your 'security code'. I keep meaning to write them down and create a dictionary.

  2. Oh Come on Swifty,

    What a let down. What does pumpkin pie taste like? I have never tried it and like you I was taken by so much comment - and a picture - of the beast itself.

    Well? WELL?

    curmudgeonly yours......Al.
    Any situations vacant positions yet on the mouse invasion front?

  3. Al, I've had various pumpkin pies in my life.The healthy eating option with fresh pumpkin can be dry, heavy and tasteless. But the "real" thing is made of sweetened condensed milk and spices, as well as tinned pumpkin, and is quite like a custard tart (and we know how variable they can be!)
    Good news on the mouse front. Last night's game was BS 1 Mice 0. One dead mouse and four untouched pieces of chocolate, so maybe it's game over?!?! I doubt it.



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