Friday, 20 November 2009

Spring cleaning in November, and summer holiday in December

It has been a busy year, since Frank's T1D diagnosis. Some of the time we've been frozen and dizzy from dealing with it all, other times we try to over-compensate by running a "normal life". Meanwhile the housework has been neglected at times, not that it's really a problem. But we've had a good fortnight, despite some moments of crisis, and we've made a few big decisions for the future.

Looking at our capacity, we have cut out or thinned down a few things we try to do. And we're catching up on holidays, with our summer break now booked today. We're off to Brittany for much of December, and looking forward to turkey galette for christmas dinner, followed by christmas pudding crepe for afters.

Meanwhile, our cleanup and clearout continues, with the house buzzing with vacuum cleaners, carpets being beaten (thank you Severine), surfaces being scrubbed, and junk being shipped out to the chazzer, the dump, or recycled. Home sweet home is even sweeter.

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  1. Hullo Swifty,

    I hope the clesning goes well and that the holiday does all you could want. Maybe you will still be connected whenever it is you are going and there may be a few posts from La Belle France.

    Bon Voyage anyway for when it conmes in case I forget.




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