Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Flavor bud living

For those that wondered, this blogspot's title is a play on this piece of music, one of my favourite "tunes". It is a Captain Beefheart composition, and he appears briefly at the beginning of this one minute long piece of music. Gary Lucas then works his way through this wonderful jangling music, wrestling with the guitar to play all the notes dictated by the Captain. I love the way it hints at a tune, but turns away just when we're on the brink of a melody, before it can properly become established. Wonderful invention, and well played Mr Lucas. For those less familiar with Don Van Vliet's work I suggest playing this short film three times, and then you can decide for yourself if you never need hear it again, or if you are hooked into the wonderful world of Beefheart's music.


  1. no tune no melody + long boozy lunch = beefheart not for me today!
    see you're listening to Elbow - did you see South Bank Show interview - good stuff

  2. Well I never, you are listening to something that is on my IPod (Elbow), glad to see you are finally getting some taste in music dad ;)

  3. I've picked up again on Elbow following their Mercury Award. I only have their first album from 2001, Sarah Ward got me into it around then. Pat, I missed the South Bank Show. Sarah, can you lend me more? Or is it illegal for me to have "good taste" music, as I like all that terrible stuff?



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