Wednesday, 12 January 2011

And the prize draw winner is..........

About a week ago I invited comments as it was my 100th blog, and offered a prize draw. I had six comments, so I didn't need to use a www random number generator; instead I used an old wooden one, aka a dice.

And the lucky winner is number 4, Siobhan. So, Siobhan could you please let me know where to post the prize to? Contact me at

There has also been some interest in the cider apple butter recipe, so here it is, based on one by Pam Corbin in the River Cottage Handbook No 2, "Preserves".

Take a bucket of windfall apples (say 6lbs). Quarter them if they are average size apples, no need to peel or core, but cut away any bad bits, or maggots. Cook gently in a large pan with a litre of cider and a litre of water, for about 30 mins. Apply hand liquidiser to make a puree, and allow it to drain through a coarse sieve. Most will go through, little is wasted. Weigh the good stuff, and add about two thirds of the apple weight in sugar, and add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and a few cloves or half a tsp of allspice. Boil up while stirring, then boil rapidly for about 15-30 minutes as it thickens. Pour jam while still hot, into washed and sterilised jars - this will make about ten jars. Store in fridge after opening, and eat within a month. This won't be a problem, as it's very tasty, and can be used as a jam or syrup.

And I'd like to offer a jar of apple cider butter consolation prize to Alistair, as he's commented the most on my first 100 blogs. So Al, please get in touch too. And many thanks to all my readers, even the shy ones who don't comment!


  1. Why Swifty, {sniff} I am overwhelmed by your kindness.

    I'll be in touch.

    your droolingly......

  2. Got a mailerdemon for the address. Can you confirm pls Swifty?

  3. Hi Al, the address I gave above is correct. But people need to replace the word "at" with the @ symbol. (Also note it's , not .com)I have been told it's not a good idea to put one's e-mail address in the standard format in full, as spammers have robots that scan websites looking for addresses so they can send you their spam. And how many e-mails about viagra does a middle-aged man need?

  4. Cheers Swifty,

    I'll check it out tomorrow although I thought that's what I had done. Probably cocked it up!

    Spam spam spam spam......SPAAAAM WONDERFUL SPAAAAM!




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