Sunday, 6 February 2011

"blues boy budd" sings "stones in my passway" on broom guitar

We're all a bit tired and emotional this week, at the Prettygate delta home of the blues. There's a big task coming up and we're anxious. The Blues Boy Budd is taking his parents to Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, next week, so they can learn how to install, use and maintain an insulin pump, which he will be wearing 24/7 for the forseeable future. It should help us achieve better blood sugar control, and maybe help us avoid the more extreme hypos and hypers that keep us awake at night............

Lots to learn, and new skills needed, but it will be worth it. And it's out of our current comfort zone of four injections a day. Sometimes the task seems so difficult, but we know we can do it. Right now we've got the stomach gripes, with apprehension. Sing up Blues Boy Budd:

"I got stones in my passway 
and my road seem dark as night
I have pains in my hearts
they have taken my appetite"
(Robert Johnson, "Stones in my Passway", recorded in the 1930s.)

Thanks everyone for supporting our planetfrank appeal for 2011, looking for a cure for this shitty disease.


  1. It feels like a mountain for you all to climb! But you've climbed so many together before and you know how best to do it - one rock at a time... We'll be rooting for you (whatever that means) and Frank will take it in his stride.

  2. Another new thing to learn, but you will soon become pro's at it, like you are very used to the regime of 4 daily injections, you'll soon be used to the pumping lifestyle. Have confidence in yourselves, you've done well looking after the little lad so far and you will continue to! I know how horrid it feels before hand though, when you really don't know anything about the new regime etc that you will soon be learning, but just think about the extra freedom in many ways that comes with the change!

  3. I feel the same way about when it's time for Colin to get his pump. It scares the poop out of me that I have to learn all new ways of managing D. keep your chin up I'm sure you will all do great!



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