Thursday, 30 December 2010

100th post GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

This is not really my 100th post, it's my 101st! And I join in the international blogging tradition of offering a giveaway in a draw between anyone who comments on this posting. And what's it all about? The picture shows me in my Christmas Apron, made for me by the talented Mrs Muffin Moon. And the apron's not for freemasonry, it's for cooking. Its first works outing was on 27 December when I made 15 jars of cider apple butter, to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's recipe from his River Cottage "Preserves" book. I made it from free windfall apples from a secret location, and it has cinnamon and all-spice added to the boiled-up cider, apples and sugar.

And that's the giveaway prize. I will post a jar of it anywhere in the world, probably against all the regulations, but I'll take a chance. And you've got to take a chance if you eat it - however, it has never done me any harm.

I look forward to your comments. Based on this blog's history Alistair will win, but a free offer might bring lots of my silent readers out of the woodwork.........


  1. OK, I'll come out of the woodwork! Sign me up friend! BTW I am a huge fan of your wife. She is great! (((HUGS))) from Reyna from Beta Buddies.

  2. Yum! Homemade apple butter!!
    Nice apron. You have a very talented wife along with the cute son!

  3. You had me worried there for a moment Swifty. That photo looked like you're really an off duty Santa { the mince pies were good were they?} and when linked to the header I thought for a second you were trying to off-load little Frank.

    But of course and not unusually, I am wrong. {whispers.... don't tell the lovely G I said that!}

    So, just in case I can sway the odds in my favour with a bit of jiggery pokery - if I make multiple entries do my chances get any better on this one?????


  4. Oh wow, that sounds amazing!

    Even if I don't win any, could you link me a recipe?!

  5. The beard is looking awesome!

  6. Andrew,
    Love your beard, love your apron, love your family, love you. After reading your blog about diabetes and how difficult it is to live with everyday and forever, I realized how much I don't understand about it. You enlightened me as well as educated me about this. I think as someone who never had any real close encounters with diabetes it's easy for me to say the wrong thing, meaning well, but perhaps insensitive to the depths of what you and Julie work with on a daily basis. My thoughts are with you. Even though I'm on the other part of the planet from you, the things you shared will help me understand better in order to help in any way, shape or form. love to all of you, Paddy O'Hoola

  7. Thanks everyone. As there's six of you I can throw a dice to find a winner, and I'll make a fresh post of the result..... Good luck everyone.



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