Monday, 16 August 2010

Unhappy Meal at McDonald's

The beef is safe. I have a confession. I have been responsible for the destruction of the rain forest, I have destoyed the sustainable lifestyles of tribes of indigenous people, and I have punched a big hole in the ozone layer.

I have been a McDonald's customer since 1975 when I visited their Woolwich restaurant, their first in the UK. I know it's wrong in so many ways, but I love McDonald's.

But, from now on I'm not going to their restaurants ever again. On 2 August I dropped off some friends at Stansted airport, and at 05:45 I dropped in at McD's for a breakfast. I had a relaxed breakfast, with extra drinks, did some stuff on my laptop, and left at 07:56. And on 10 August I was issued with a parking charge notice, demanding £50 for exceeding the sixty minute free parking limit.

I'm sure there were signs up, but I didn't see them. I fully accept I'm responsible for where I park, but it never occurred to me that I should be looking. So my happy meal breakfast, has become a very Unhappy Meal.

I've got a message for McDonald's. The Campbells are coming. But Big Swifty's not, anymore. Unable to get a clan together to massacre my hosts, I can only resort to the internet. I've complained on their website, and expect to hear nothing, except maybe a bland computer generated reply (much like their food). A plague on all their houses.


  1. What nonsense!

    This kind of behaviour by a big company is crass beyond belief.

    Bet there were no signs inside,a bare minimum outside and no problem with overcrowded car parks or any of the crap they use to justify this kind of rubbish! Many of their branches actually encourage you to stay - and spend more - with free wifi, free coffee refills etc.

    They don't deserve your business.

  2. Welcome to my world Big Swifty - I haven't given those (beef) jerk(ies)s any of my money since the late 1980s (point of principle on my part). Sorry to hear about their parking SCAM and you being stung. You're better than them anyway! Cheers SNB



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