Sunday, 9 May 2010

What do we want? More representation of the people. How do we want it? Too difficult to say in this title.

My head is dizzy with the possibilities for a new government. There are so many questions that need an answer, following the electorate's "we don't really like any of you" vote. I've always urged people to vote, but have struggled with our voting system, knowing how one's votes count for more in, for example, France and Germany. Colchester is an isolated yellow Lib Dem oasis in a desert of blue Conservative East Anglia. And in most constituencies the large number of people who voted for Labour and Lib Dem had no representation to show for their votes.

My feeling is that many more people than ever in my lifetime have become interested in politics this time round. We need to keep them engaged for the sake of our democracy. But do the two old parties like it? I think not. They see themselves as a political elite, and are quite happy to see the baton passed between the Old Etonians of Labour and Conservative. I have a lot more faith in the electorate than I did a few weeks ago. The annihilation of the BNP in the General Election, and the loss of its 12 seats on Barking and Dagenham Council, gives us all reason for optimism.

I'm out of touch for a week or so, backpacking in the remote Scottish Highlands, and wonder what will be happening at Westminster by the time I'm back. It's a cold spring down here, and I'm expecting some frosty nights in the hills. Still, I can cosy up with my old coalition of Rod and Alan. So, the question is, will David and Nick still be friends in a week, or will Nick go to Gordon, and the Others?

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